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Paul DiFiore

Manager, Installation

Paul Di Fiore knows how important it is to have the right experts working with you on your home improvement projects. With over 30 years in the industry you can put your trust in Paul for the best results.

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Ann DiFiore

Manager, Sales and Estimates

Let Ann DiFiore point you in the right direction of all your home improvement needs. For professional advice and guidance with a life time of experience in the field, Ann is there for you. Call and book your free consultation and quote today.

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Natalina Vasta

Sales & Manufacture, Curtians, Blinds

For guidance and recommendations regarding the best Window Furnishings you can't go pass Natalina's vast 35+ years knowledge and skills to use on your next home improvement project, Natalina will take good care of you.

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Lynda Rovere

Administration Manager

Call Lynda for help and service in all Admin enquires. Also a great help with product knowledge too.

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Annette Savage

Customer Sales and Service

Annette Savage knows how important it is to have the right advice and is happy to help working with you on your home improvement projects. Trust Annette to work hard for you to achieve he best result possible.

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Josh Lee

Installation - Trainee

Let Josh Lee assist with your installation needs. With energy and drive to do his best for the client. Josh is in for a the long haul and happy for Josh to be on the Team.

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We provide our our own in-house installations team for the most part. We also offer availability and recommendations regarding the best Installation Sub-Contractors around to use on your next project. From Domestic to Commercial, big or small. We can organise Installation or pass on their details. *Contact the showroom

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