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 Welcome to Griffith Country Decor / Salvo Curtains ~ The Curtain Specialists in the Griffith!

Salvo Curtains Griffith = Griffith Country Decor is situated at 70 Yambil St, Griffith, NSW. We specialise in Curtains, Blinds, Drapes, Awnings, Shutters, Panel Glides, Bed heads and Soft Furnishings. We have been in the Curtain Industry for over 20+ years and we thrive on  word of mouth repeat business so every customer gets treated as a VIP.

Window treatments are the essential part of your home styling and can change the look of any room through fabric selection, accessories and other trimmings and detail. As well as the various styles of window drapes, there are several headings to choose from, enhancing the final look.

Our experienced team can offer support in both domestic and commercial settings, from window furnishings to interior décor.

We offer a free measure & quote

Our consultations can go for up to an hour or more, but we don't mind. All we care about is that you have high quality window furnishings that not only look great, they will last and definitely add value to your home.

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Our Product & Service :

  • Curtains

  • Blinds

  • Awnings

  • Shutters

  • Drapes

  • Soft Furnishings

  • And much more...

    Please come and visit our shop, our friendly consultants will be very happy enough to help you.


Salvo Curtains / Griffith Country Decor experts will come to your home and help you choose window furnishings that match your wall and furniture colours and designs. We will then create and install your curtains or blinds for you - quickly, and with minimum fuss. 






Bi-Fold Screens

Curved Screens

Bi-Fold Doors

Hinged Doors

Sliding Doors


Fixed Walls
& Partitions


* Shoji available from Country Decor - Yambil St, Griffith (Salvo's Building).





Roman Blinds
Large Range of Fabrics Available

• Provides day and night time privacy
• Extremely economical
• BLOCKOUT fabric offers 100% light blockout and complete privacy
• LIGHTFILTER offers partial light blockout and is available in natural canvas
• SUNSCREEN fabric blocks out approximately 90% of UV rays and reduces heat by up to 30%

Venetian Blinds
There is little in the market place that can offer all the features and benefits of the venetian blind.

• Long lasting with minimum fading
• You can see out without those on the outside looking in
• They provide light control and security

• Slat width of 25mm
• The most popular because it can offer greater privacy and it is less costly

• Slat width of 15mm
• More expensive as more slats are needed to fill the same area

Also available are the following ranges:
Cedar Venetians | Timberstyle Venetians

Vertical Blinds
Excellent light control

• Available in 3 sizes 127mm, 100mm and 89mm slat widths
• Choice of track colours
• Matching pelmets or track inserts
• Large range of fabrics available
• Suitable for difficult problems such as sliding doors and sloping windows
• Minimal stacking when open
• Can be drawn to the left, to the right, or from the centre
• Slats rotate through 180 degrees allowing optimum light and heat control
• Easy to maintain

Roller Blinds
Available in a variety of fabrics

• Available in Blockout fabric to block out light completely
• Also Available in Sunscreen fabric to eliminate glare
• Allows you to see outward whilst making it impossible for those outside to see in
• Provides daytime privacy and UV protection
• Lightweight, strong and inexpensive
• Simple and understated roller blinds are ideal for contemporary homes
• Provide insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter
• Minimalist appearance

 * Inquire about Awnings

availability in-store.


Pigmented Polycotton Fabric
• Australian made for Australian conditions
• Reduces heat glare and UV light
• Colour fast and long wearing
• Large range of stripes and plain colours with cooling green underside

Woven Acrylic
• Woven from dope dyed acrylic yarn
• Rot and fungus resistant
• Colour on both sides of the fabric

• Vistaweave is a revolutionary fabric that lets the light in yet keeps out the sun
• Provides shade without loosing visibility
• By filtering the suns damaging rays it keeps the interior cool
• It is the ideal awning fabric to fashionably enhance the character of residential homes and commercial properties
• Help reduce electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air-conditioning
• Requiring little maintenance, it will not rot and resists mildew



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