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DIY - Do It Yourself!

Purchase your new quality Timber or Laminate floor from us and SAVE $ on installation! But not sure on how to do it! Been to a tacky Demo day and the guy had no idea? Read the instructions but still not sure?

Don't worry since you can be confident and save costs, DIY with the guidance of a professional Installer to assist you through it! 4 FREE!

Interested? Call and ask Paul about our NEW deal!

Call today and enquire on 02-6962 3978. *Conditions apply.



SPECIAL for February 2011 or stocks last is INOVAR FLOOR

8mm Original Col. Balinese Teak T/A at ONLY $19.15/m2

*Conditions Apply

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Phone 69623978 or Call into our showroom to see the extensive range!






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