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8mm Original Collection

Our Original Collection offers an array of colours, styles and textures. With lighter colours like Premier Beech or Country Oak that will brighten any room, to the deep lustre of Jarrah or even mysterious tones of Rajah Teak.

Offering textures including a traditional wood grain fi nish or the latest wood embossed surface you are sure to find a product that will best compliment your interior design ideas.

The only challenge is which one to choose. Profiled using state of the art patented Valinge locking system ensures easy DIY installation and greater joint strength over time.

All covered by a 25 year residential and 3 year light commercial warranties, our 8mm Original Collection is truly a tough, affordable flooring option that will look beautiful day in day out and stand the test of time.


12mm Timberline Collection 

Our Timberline Collection is available in 8 appealing colours in a woodsculptured surface finish that really captures an authentic timber appearance. Because it is 12mm thick and more solid under foot you would think you are walking on the real thing.

The Timberline Collection is a part of our Traffic Zone product category. With an AC5 abrasion rating making it the highest wear resistant laminate available, allowing it to perform extremely well in the highest traffic areas. Timberline is suitable for both residential and heavy commercial applications.

Also using the Valinge Patented locking technology, the 12mm Timberline Collection is   profiled with the “Top Lock” which allows interlocking of the long and short side of the board in one swift motion ensuring a very quick & easy installation process. All covered by our market leading Lifetime residential and 10 Year commercial warranties, our 12mm Timberline Collection is the hardest wearing laminate flooring available. 





Evolution Australian Select – 12mm single strip gloss


Forest Reds

Dark Select Spotted Gum

NSW Spotted Gum

QLD Spotted Gum

Red Mahogany



138mm Profile    189mm Profile


Engineered Australian Hardwood Flooring

Armourfloor® by Big River
Australia’s most stable timber flooring

ArmourFloor brochure

Four generations of expertise
The Pidcock family has been supplying quality timber products from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales for more than 100 years. This inherited knowledge and experience forms the basis of the high-tech manufacturing process used to create engineered hardwood flooring of unsurpassed strength and beauty.

A lifetime guarantee of quality
Big River flooring is one of the few timber floors in the world backed by a lifetime guarantee of structural integrity in residential applications. To view a PDF document of our warranty follow this link. Warranty PDF document

Proven under tough Australian conditions
Tests confirm that Big River engineered flooring remains stable through a range of harsh conditions, making it ideal for almost any residential or commercial application, including regions with harsh climatic conditions, or for installation over heated slabs.

Manufactured from sustainable resources
It’s also comforting to know your flooring is manufactured from a renewable resource. All Big River engineered flooring is milled from managed regrowth and plantation forest hardwoods.

Armourfloor® UltraCote flooring
Armourfloor® UltraCote floorboards are sanded, sealed and coated in the factory with a high quality surface finish, ready for easy installation.
  • Fast installation, minimal disruption
  • Ready to walk on
  • 25 year surface warranty
  • Lifetime structural guarantee

Every board finished to perfection
Every Armourfloor® UltraCote floorboard is supplied with a professional lacquered finish, guaranteeing a perfect looking floor - instantly. No mess, no smell, no disruption – floors can be installed and walked on in the same day.

25 year surface warranty
Armourfloor® UltraCote flooring comes with a 25 year guarantee on the factory coating. The surface warranty only applies to factory finished boards. To view a PDF document of our warranty follow this link. Ultracote Warranty



Choice of two board widths
Armourfloor® UltraCote flooring is available in a choice of two widths 138mm and 189mm standard packs are random lengths up to 2400mm.ArmourFloor brochure

Armourfloor® CustomCote flooring
Armourfloor® CustomCote flooring is supplied unfinished and is installed by expert tradesman. It is sanded and coated on site, giving you the opportunity to choose your own gloss level.
  • Finished to your requirements
  • Lifetime structural guarantee
  • Wide colour range
  • Native eucalypt hardwoods

Choose your own finish
Armourfloor® CustomCote flooring is installed with a raw timber finish, allowing you to select a high or low gloss lacquer to suit your requirements.

Easy to work with
The structural integrity of Big River Armourfloor permits its use in a wide range of applications and a variety of installation methods:

  • Tongue and groove floating floor over concrete or timber sub-floors
  • Glued directly to concrete sub-floors
  • Glued directly to underlay fixed to timber or concrete sub-floors
  • Glued directly to strip timber or structural timber sub-floors
  • Top-nailed to battens fixed to concrete or timber sub-floors
  • Top-nailed directly to joists

Choice of two board widths
Armourfloor® CustomCote flooring is available in a choice of two board widths 138mm and 189mm in a range of standard lengths up to 2400mm. ArmourFloor brochure

Solid T & G Flooring
The Big River mill also manufactures solid T&G flooring in a variety of Australian Hardwood timbers. All the timbers used come from sustainable timber sources. Our range of solid T&G flooring under goes a unique drying process that ensures our flooring is more stable for on site acclimatisation. Available in random length packs in 60x19, 80x19 and 130x19 our profiles include secret nail, top nail and multi nail. T & G Flooring PDF document

Simple to install
Armourfloor® UltraCote flooring is so easy to install you can do it yourself. Installation instructions are included in every pack of floorboards. Armourfloor® UltraCote flooring can be installed on virtually any flat surface - over concrete, tiles, or even existing timber floors. For best results we recommend professional installation of your floor.



Call into our showroom to see the extensive range!


Pergo Flooring - Makers Of The Original Laminate

In 1977 Pergo flooring was created by a select group of Swiss visionaries. They had realized that if you glue several layers of impregnated paper to form a surface layer, some more paper to create a core layer to which the surface layer is attached and another layer of pressed and glue paper to form a bottom layer for stabilization. You would end up with a durable and pliable surface perfect to create a long lasting and resilient floor covering.

Not only did Pergo flooring come up with a great floor surface, but they were very easily able to customize the look and texture of the laminate. The top layer of the surface layer is covered by a transparent film and is specially treated by proprietary technology developed by an in-house team of researchers and scientists to achieve high wear resiliency. A decorative layer that gives the floor its patterned and colorful décor is under the top layer protected by the transparent film.

Installing Pergo flooring use to mean that you had to deal with messy glues and adhesives, but not anymore. Thanks to continual research, Pergo floors now have incorporated a unique mechanical click joint, which expedites and simplifies the process. Today almost all installations are glue free.

As the creator of laminate flooring, Pergo flooring has continually evolved into a word contender. Their drive and commitment to customer service and of course creating a great product, has elevated them to an expansive flooring company that holds a leading global position in the world markets for laminate flooring.

For your home or business, Pergo Flooring is right for any laminate job. You can bet that with such a great history and being a world contender in the industry, you will end up with a long lasting floor covering that will last for many years to come.



Armstrong Flooring

Since their humble beginnings back in 1860 when Armstrong flooring was nothing more than a two-man cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh, it was evident that this company took great pride in what they did. By relying on the family credo of hard work and faith, the Armstrong flooring production division has grown to employ more than 16,000 employees, and is now recognized as being one of the fore fathers of name branding. You can still to this day see the original brand name logo stamped on all of Armstrong products.

For many years, business for Armstrong cork went well, but after forty years of success and just after the turn of the century, the cork industry took a hit, so in order to grow with the times, Armstrong flooring was created. Around 1909 the matriarch of the Armstrong family died. Thomas Armstrong had always been a visionary and well adapted to fore seeing change, and with all of the new uses for cork the change had to come now. As a final wish, near the edge of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the first factory was built to create Armstrong floors.

The first Armstrong flooring to be produced from that factory was linoleum. From that day on, the company allowed one cork product, and its use, to serve as an idea to create another product. For example Corkboard led to fiberboard, fiberboard led to ceiling board, cork tile and linoleum led to vinyl floors. Ceramic tile would later be added as well.

By continually evolving their line of products, the company quickly climbed to its position of leadership in the flooring industry. Armstrong flooring division learned, through the traumas of the 20th Century, to build on its fundamental strengths, to continually change and diversify in innovative ways, while following a market-driven, customer-oriented road.

After nearly 140 years in business, you can still expect the same quality of customer service from Armstrong flooring, and you will find an unparalleled selection of flooring options available to suit any home or commercial application.



Balta Group

Balta Group has grown quickly from a small family business to the world's largest privately owned area rug manufacturer. This Belgium based manufacturing group takes pride in their durable, comfortable and stylish carpets. They offer tufted and woven carpets, artistic rugs, broadloom carpet and a variety of flooring options for your every need.

Their floor coverings are very high quality and come at an affordable cost. You will have a huge selection of designs, sizes, colors and textures to choose from. Pick out a lovely area rug for any room of your home from traditional, Persian, Old World along with unique and modern styles. There is something for every personal preference and taste. All their rugs have maximum wear and stain resistance so you can be assured that they will beautify your home for many years to come.

Another important feature of Balta Group is their individual customer service. They answer all your questions and offer free samples, fantastic warranties, guarantees and competitive pricing. These rugs will make a design statement to any room they are placed in and achieve a look from casual to elegant, traditional to contemporary or any style you are trying to achieve.



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Salvo WebSite/salvo ICR sale flyer DIY stock Laminate_Jun10.pdf


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